14 Bizarre Things Unearthed

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14 Bizarre Things Unearthed

From the reveal of the mysterious Easter Island heads to discovering the perfectly kept bodies from the Pompeii volcanoe explosion, these are 14 bizarre things that have been unearthed.

8. World War II Bombs
Just when you think you’re safe, you find a bomb! That’s exactly what happened to a development of luxury homes in Orlando, Florida. The developers who created the community were well aware of the previous military use, but decided to continue with their building plans anyway. Residents of the half-million dollar homes are angry, to say the least. While it is assumed that there isn’t any immediate threat, Army Corps cleanup leader Mike Ornella concedes that they’re “never going to be 100 percent sure.”

7. Royal Hair Pin
This tricky little hairpin had everyone scratching their heads when it was found in a communal toilet during the restoration of the Fontainebleau Castle in Paris. Belonging to the Queen of France in the mid-1500s, Catherine de Medici, the three and a half inch long pin is one of the very few pieces of jewelry of hers that was uncovered. It was identified in a flash because of the interlocking “C” design and green and white colors she was known for.

6. The Jehoash Inscription
The Temple Mount of Jerusalem is widely known as a holy place for almost any Christ-centered religion. Near here, the Jehoash Inscription was found on a tablet. It has roughly 15 lines of Hebrew text that was written in the ancient Phoenician script, and translates to describe renovations that were to take place at King Solomon’s temple. Scholars and archeologists argue whether or not the tablet is authentic, as it contains grammatical errors that would align with a modern-day forgery, but the patina on the sandstone points towards its authenticity.

5. The Remains of Richard III
“Foul devil, for God’s sake, hence and trouble us not!” Lady Anne shouts these disdainful words at Richard III in the namesake’s play by Shakespeare. Known widely as a disgusting excuse for a human, the evil and twisted-spined King Richard III was killed while crossing blades with Henry Tudor in the final battle of the War of the Roses. His remains were found underneath a parking lot in 2007, which was dug up in order to be redone. 4. The Easter Island Bodies
Bet you didn’t know the Easter Island statues aren’t just heads! That’s right, these age old relics have been known to have bodies since a 1914 excavation, and it’s said they’re buried so deep because of half a millennium worth of erosion. There are 150 plus statues, with the tallest known one standing at an imposing 33 feet tall! Few people know that their traditional name is “moai,” and that they were carved into volcanic rock by the Polynesians between the years of 1100 and 1500 AD!

3. Ridgeway Hill Viking Burial Pit
Mass graves will always have an eerie quality to them, and the Ridgeway Hill Viking Burial Pit is no exception. While crews were excavating in preparation to add a new roadway in, they came across this pit which held 54 skeletons and 51 heads of what was later to be determined as Vikings executed sometime between AD 910 and 1030. The exact circumstances of the deaths are unknown, but it is speculated that they were captured and killed in an attempted raid on Anglo-Saxon territory.

2. Piri Reis Map
This controversial archeological find is called the Piri Reis map, and is arguably an exact copy of the map used by explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492. Sources for much of the map were found in his writings, but it isn’t known for sure whether or not the cartographic image is actually the same one Columbus used. It is now stored in Istanbul, Turkey at the Library of the Topkapi Palace, but you’d be hard-pressed to see it, as it isn’t usually on display for the public.

1. The Ruins of Pompeii
79 AD is the fateful year of the biggest known Mount Vesuvius eruption to date. It remained almost entirely undisturbed until 1748 when a group of hikers came looking for ancient artifacts. They were in for quite a surprise when they discovered the ruins of Pompeii almost exactly as it was roughly 2,000 years ago. This petrified pup is just one of the many victims found encased in ash the exact same way it fell, the preserved remains kept in pristine condition by the ash. It’s unnerving and sad, but teaches us a lot about the way life was in Italy around the time.

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