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18 Stubborn Homeowners

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These are 18 of the most stubborn homeowners in the world! 8. Narita, Japan Farmers In Narita, Japan, a collection of farmers took umbrage to the fact that their lands happened to coincide with the exact place that the government

Funniest Home Videos

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America’s Funniest Home Videos Part 7 https://elastictits.com/category/91/

Funniest Home Videos

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America’s Funniest Home Videos Part 5 _ OrangeCabinet https://elastictits.com/category/91/

Fresh Five

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I have shot many things and in many places but never had I shot on top of mountains until this year. I finally decided to take my Camera with me up to the top of whistler mountain and record some

Street Trial

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Yohan Triboulat – 2016 https://elastictits.com/category/91/

Home Video Show

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